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GeM- Training schedule and PPT for HoDs.    ► Reorganised GST formations, Jurisdictions and Staff Allocation documents have been uploaded on website.    ► List of Officers whose representations have been received till due date in DGHRD w.r.t. AGT- 2017 circular has been uploaded on website.    ► AGT-2017 CIRCULAR and AGT-2017 Due List has been uploaded on website.    ► Order on Reorganisation of CBEC Field Formations in GST Regime has been uploaded on website.    ► The Officers who have filled IPR manually but have not yet uploaded in the SPARROW are requested to upload the scanned copy of IPR in the SPARROW immediately.    ► Online filling of APAR for Group A officer will start from 15th March 2017 for APAR year 2016-17.    ► All the officers are advised to login to SPARROW and verify their Adhaar number for smooth implementation.    

IPR Details
Name Employer ID Date of Birth Designation  
IPR Details
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S.No Employer ID Name Designation IPR
1 3545 Commissioner
2 3616 Abhilash K. Sreenivasan Deputy Commissioner
3 6300 A M Sable Assistant Commissioner
4 6572 A Varadharajan Assistant Commissioner
5 3159 A. A. BHOSALE Assistant Commissioner
6 1151 A. ASHOKAN Deputy Commissioner
7 4734 A. B. Hardasani Assistant Commissioner
8 1833 A. C. S. REDDY Deputy Commissioner
9 3036 A. CHANDRA SEKHAR REDDY Assistant Commissioner
10 2420 A. CLETUS Joint Commissioner
11 2231 A. FELIXMICHEAL AMALRAJ Deputy Commissioner
12 3111 A. G. KAPRE (Mrs) Assistant Commissioner
13 4377 A. INDIRA PRIYADARSHINI (SMT.) Commissioner
14 1143 A. JAYACHANDRAN Additional Commisioner
15 2387 A. K. BARAPATRE Assistant Commissioner
16 4688 A. K. Choudhury Assistant Commissioner
17 3313 A. K. MULYE Assistant Commissioner
18 5197 A. L. SRINATH Commissioner
19 1097 A. M. SAHAY Additional Commisioner
20 2990 A. MANIMARAN Deputy Commissioner
21 6564 A. MUTHIAH Commissioner
22 4777 A. Natrajan Assistant Commissioner
23 2874 A. PANDIAN Assistant Commissioner
24 662 A. R. S. KUMAR Additional Commisioner
25 6046 A. Ramachandran Assistant Commissioner
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