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          What's New  (Registration of APAR Module) New
Final list of officers who have registered in APAR module till 16.1.15 16.1.2015
Member (Per) letter dated 16.12.14 on Reistration for APAR module by Group A officers 17.12.2014
Registration in APAR module for online viewing of APARs 24.11.2014

          What's New  (Missing APAR) New
Download the list of missing APAR as on 16.1.15 for years 1993-94 to 2013-14 21.1.2015
Most urgent :Missing APARs required for Regularization DPCs from DC to JC grade 19.1.2015
Most urgent : List of Missing APARs required for DPC for Adhoc promotion in the grade of Commissioner 16.1.2015
Most urgent :Missing APARs required for regularization DPC from Joint Commissioner to Commissioner grade 26.12.2014
Issue of NRC for Missing Period of APAR's 03.09.2014

          What's New  (AGT 2015) New
List of representations for AGT-2015 received till 15.01.2015 19.1.2015
Circular dated 26.11.2014 for AGT-2015 03.12.2014
Due List of Commissioner (Additional Dir Gen) (AGT-2015) 19.12.2014
Due list of ADC JC (AGT-2015) 19.12.2014
Due List of DC AC for AGT-2015 19.12.2014