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Download Revised APAR format for Group 'A' officers for HAG+ and Apex Grade

Download Revised APAR format for Group 'A' officers upto HAG Grade

Download Revised APAR Format for all Group ‘B’ Non-Gazetted Executive Officers

Download Revised APAR Format for all Group ‘B’ Gazetted Executive Officers

S No.
DPC wise - Missing APAR position
Position as on Date
Regularization: Gr B to Gr A (AC) Promotions
Regularization: AC to DC
Regularization DC to JC (Batch 1988-1996)
Proposal sent to Board
Regularization : JC to ADC : NFSG (Batch 1986-87)
Proposal sent to Board
Regularization: JC to Commr (Batch 1986-87)
Proposal sent to Board

Adhoc Promotion Gr. B to Gr. A (AC)
Adhoc Promotion AC to DC (Batch 2009, 2010)
Adhoc Promotion DC to JC (Batch 2005)
DPC held on 17.06.2015
Adhoc: NFSG: JC to ADC (Batch 2002)
DPC held on 17.06.2015
Adhoc: Promotion from JC to Commr (Batch 1993-95)

Promotion from SAG to HAG (Batch 1983-86)
DPC held on 9.3.15
Promotion from HAG to HAG+ (Batch 1981-82)
Promotion from HAG+ to APEX (Batch 1979-80)
Under Preparation

Non Functional Upgradation: 1980 to 1981 batch
Proposal sent to Board
Non Functional Upgradation: 1990
Proposal sent to Board
Non Functional Upgradation: 1991 to 1994 batch

          What's New  (Missing APAR) New
List of Missing APARs of Group A Officers for Financial Year 1993-94 to 2013-14. Position as on 30.04.2015 15.5.2015
List of APARs/NRCs of Group A officers Received from 01.04.2015 to 30.04.2015. Position as on 30.04.2015 14.5.2015
Most Urgent : New APAR Format for Reporting Year 2014-15 23.4.2015
Most Urgent D O letter from Chairman regarding completion of missing Apar and disposal of BBM application 27.2.2015
Most Urgent:Member (Per) letter regarding timely completion and maintenance of APAR 18.2.2015
Issue of NRC for Missing Period of APAR's 03.09.2014
Communications on Official Email-ID Only as per Email Policy of Goverment of India 30.03.2015
List of APARs/NRCs of Group A officers Received from 06.02.2015 to 30.03.2015. Position as on 30.03.2015 30.03.2015

          What's New  (Registration of APAR Module) New
REMINDER : List of Officers still not registered in APAR Module as on 06.04.2015 13.4.2015
Letter from Member (P&V) regarding opening access for APAR folder on 25.2.15 23.2.2015

          What's New  (IPR) New
Submission of Immovable Property Return 10.2.2015

          What's New  (AGT 2015) New
List of Representations for AGT-2015 received till 25.03.2015 30.3.2015
Circular dated 26.11.2014 for AGT-2015 03.12.2014
Revised Due List of Commissioner/ADG 31.03.2015
Revised Due list of ADC/JC 31.03.2015
Due List of DC AC for AGT-2015 19.12.2014