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S No.
DPC wise - Missing APAR position
Position as on Date
Regularization: Gr B to Gr A (AC) Promotions
Regularization: AC to DC
Regularization DC to JC (Batch 1988-1996)
Proposal sent to Board
Regularization : JC to ADC : NFSG (Batch 1986-87)
Proposal sent to Board
Regularization: JC to Commr (Batch 1986-87)
Proposal sent to Board

Adhoc Promotion Gr. B to Gr. A (AC)
Adhoc Promotion AC to DC (Batch 2009, 2010)
Proposal sent to board
Adhoc Promotion DC to JC (Batch 2005)
Adhoc: NFSG: JC to ADC (Batch 2002)
Adhoc: Promotion from JC to Commr (Batch 1993-95)

Promotion from SAG to HAG (Batch 1983-86)
DPC held on 9.3.15
Promotion from HAG to HAG+ (Batch 1981-82)
Promotion from HAG+ to APEX (Batch 1979-80)
Under Preparation

Non Functional Upgradation: 1980 to 1981 batch
Proposal sent to Board
Non Functional Upgradation: 1990
Proposal sent to Board
Non Functional Upgradation: 1992 to 1994 batch

          What's New  Important
Letter to CCA on Review DPC for ad-hoc promotion from Group- B to Group- A 03.10.2015
Filling up of vacant posts in the grade of Assistant Commissioner for 2014-15 and 2015-16-reg. 01.10.2015
Letter to CCA for completion of documents and APAR Dossiers for Adhoc Review DPC for JTS Grade 30.9.2015
Letter to CC Zones for Ad-hoc DPC to JTS grade- Dossiers required 24.9.2015

          What's New  (Missing APAR) New
List of Missing APARs of Group A Officers for Financial Year 1993-94 to 2013-14. Position as on 31.07.2015<1/font> 8.7.2015
List of APARs/NRCs of Group A officers Received from 01.07.2015 to 31.07.2015. Position as on 31.07.2015 8.7.2015
Issue of NRC for Missing Period of APAR's 03.09.2014

          What's New  (Registration of APAR Module) New
REMINDER : List of officers still not registered in APAR module as on 03.08.2015 04.8.2015

          What's New  Empanelment of IRS (C&CE) New
Empanelment of IRS (C&CE) to hold joint Secretary Level Posts at Govt. Of India...C/reg 17.8.2015
Missing APAR of Group A Officer for Empanelment of IRS(C&CE) to hold Joint 20.8.2015

          What's New  (IPR) New
Submission of Immovable Property Return 10.2.2015

          What's New  (Parliamentary Matters) New
Furnishing of updated position of Sanctioned Strength and Working Strength 04.8.2015
Parliamentary Committee on the Welfare of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes-"Briefing by the representatives of Ministry of Finance (Department of Revenue) & Central Board of Excise and Customs regarding reservation for employment of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in the Central Board of Excise and Customs - reg. 7.7.2015

          What's New  (Court Matters) New
Office Memorandum: WP (C) No. 3919/2014 in the matter of Sambhavana v. Union of India & Ors before - reg. 04.8.2015

          What's New  Timely preparation and proper maintenance of APARs New
Timely preparation and proper maintenance of APARs Reg. 04.9.2015

          What's New  Custody of second APAR folder New
Custody of second APAR folder of Group "Ä" officers instructions reg. 1.9.2015

          What's New  Vacancy
Selection for the posts of Members in the Customs and Central Excise Settlement Commission 14.9.2015