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APAR Letters
          What's New  Important
Details of Group 'A' officers required for implementation of online writing of APAR-reg 3.3.2016
Creation of NIC email id. 3.3.2016
Most Urgent : Submission of ACR Folders ,Integrity Certificate, Vigilance Certificate and Penalty Statement for Regularisation of Adhoc Promotion from Group B to Group A for the Vacancy Years 2002-03 onwards-reg          Reminder Letter          , Reminder Letter II 3.2.2016
          What's New  (Missing APAR) New
List of Missing APARs of Group A Officers 29.2.2016
Missing APARs of Group A Officers for Financial Year 2000-01 to 2014-15. Position as on 21.06.2016   Download the List here 21.06.2016
          What's New  (Registration of APAR Module) New
REMINDER : List of officers still not registered in APAR module as on 01.02.2016 03.2.2016
          What's New  (IPR) New
Intimation given under CCS(conduct Rules) Reg 25.4.2016
          What's New  Timely preparation and proper maintenance of APARs New
Timely Completion of APARs 21.4.2016
          What's New  Representation of IRS(C & CE) Officers
Amendment /Changes in Clarification on Disposal of representation on ACRs / APARs made by IRS (C &CE) officers issued by vide (CBECís letter F. No A- 28011/48/2011-per/EC dated 29th June 2012 29.2.2016
Amendment /Changes in CBEC Letter F. No. A-28011/03/2009- SO (Per/E.C) dated 29th September, 2011 on the representation against APAR grading of IRS(C& CE) officers. 29.2.2016